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VMware e-Books

As of now VMware documents are available as an e-book

Since 3-1-2014 VMware exclusively provides E-Books for the courses! To make the getting in easier, we have summarised the most important information for you here.

The VMware E-books will be provided on the platform eVantage (VitalSource Bookshelf). This will give you access to the documents and these can be triggered either online in the browser or offline with the appropriate reader. The functionality is guaranteed for the following equipment:

  1. PC/Laptop (Windows)
  2. Mac/MacBook (Mac OS)
  3. iOS
  4. Android
  5. Kindle Fire

The students get 4 licences to access the training materials on 4 different end devices, 2 licences for PC/Mac as well as 2 licences for iOS/Android/Kindle Fire. Participants can switch between different end devices. All insert comments, remarks and markings are automatically applied at access on a new device. If you don´t want to use the Ebook with your personal device, the licence will installed on a training computer. Please let us know to this in time. After the end of the course the student must deauthorise the training computer. How this works is explained to you under the following link:

Please note that VMware only allows printing up to 10 pages of the document.

To ensure a smooth training course, we recommend creating a user account on eVantage respectively VitalSource Bookshelf before attending the course.

Link to the E-Book platform eVantage
Creating an eVantage user account

You will receive the licence code that is used to activate your VMware books prior to the start of the course directly from VMware by e-mail. Prior to the start of the course, please make sure that you have received this e-mail. If this shouldn't be the case, please contact us via mail or by phone +65 6100 4857.

If you wish to remove an older or outdated version from your Account, please send an e-mail to with the name and version of the document. Their Customer Service deletes then this document from your account.

Under the link you can find tutorials, which describe the operation of VitalSource Bookshelf (eVantage). So you can familiarise yourself with the features of the software before the start of the course.