Developing Applications Using Cisco Platforms and APIs (DEVCOR) - Lab Topology


Lab Topology

  • Construct Sequence Diagram
  • Construct Web Sequence Diagram
  • Use Paginated REST API Endpoint
  • Use REST API Error Control Flow Techniques
  • Evaluate Application for Common OWASP Vulnerabilities
  • Resolve Merge Conflicts with Git
  • Containerize Application Using Docker
  • Integrate Application into Existing CI/CD Environment
  • Diagnose Problems Using Application Logs
  • Automate and Manage Cisco IOS XE Network Infrastructure with Terraform and GitLab CI/CD Pipelines
  • Configure Network Parameters Using Ansible
  • Synchronize Firepower Device Configuration
  • Utilize RESTCONF for Network Configuration
  • Query Relational Database
  • Query Document Store
  • Query Time Series Database
  • Query Graph Database