Master Class: Integrating OpenAI ChatGPT with Microsoft Services Deep Dive (OAICGPTWS) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Day 1: ChatGPT Fundamentals

Module 1: Introduction to OpenAI, GPT-3.5/4 and ChatGPT
  • What is OpenAI?
  • What is GPT-3.5/4?
  • What is ChatGPT and how it was launched?
Module 2: Understanding the architecture and functioning of ChatGPT
  • The structure of ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT pricing
  • Other Models
  • ChatGPT vs GPT-3.5/4
Module 3: ChatGPT Capabilities and Limitations
  • Capabilities of ChatGPT
  • Limitations of ChatGPT
Module 4: How to access and use ChatGPT
  • How to access ChatGPT
  • How to use ChatGPT
  • Example prompts.
  • Tips and Tricks
Module 5: Discover what else you can do with ChatGPT
  • How to make money using ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT API integrations
  • Lab 1: Getting Familiar with ChatGPT

Day 2: What are PowerApps and Power Automate

Module 1: Introduction to PowerApps
  • What is PowerApps and what can it do for you?
  • What is Canvas App
  • What is a Model Driven App
  • Security and Administration in PowerApps
Module 2: Microsoft Dataverse
  • Introduction to Microsoft Dataverse
  • Microsoft Dataverse Benefits
  • Relational Databases and Relationships
Module 3: Power Automate Overview
  • Introduction to Power Automate
  • Benefits of Power Automate
  • What can we do with Power Automate
  • Power Automate Flows types
  • Key concepts
  • Efficient Scale Automation
  • Example: A purchase order approval
  • Lab 1: Getting Started with PowerApps
  • Lab 2: Getting Started with Dataverse
  • Lab 3: Getting Started with Power Automate

Day 3: What are PowerBI and Power Virtual Agents

Module 1: Introduction to PowerBI
  • What is PowerBI?
  • Gathering Data
  • PowerBI Components
  • The PowerBI building blocks
  • Getting started with PowerBI
  • Consuming PowerBI in Power Platform
Module 2: Introduction to Power Virtual Agents
  • What is Power Virtual Agents
  • What can Power Virtual Agents do for you?
  • The components of Power Virtual Agents
  • Power Virtual Agents AI Capabilities
  • Bot Authoring advanced AI features
  • Topic Conversation Path Design
  • Bot Testing and Publishing
  • Lab 1: Getting started with PowerBI
  • Lab 2: Getting started with Power Virtual Agent

Day 4: Integration of GPT-3.5/4 with Power Platforms

Module 1: Working with OpenAI API
  • What is an API and how does it work?
  • OpenAI API functionality
  • Integrating OpenAI API with Power Platforms
Module 2: Connecting OpenAI API with Power Platforms using the Microsoft Connector
  • Microsoft’s OpenAI connector
  • Integrating PowerApps with GPT-3.5/4
  • Integrating PowerBI with GPT-3.5/4
  • Integrating Power Automate with GPT-3.5/4
  • Integrating Power Virtual Agent with GPT-3.5/4
  • Advantages and Case Scenarios
  • Lab 1: Integrating OpenAI API with Power Platforms

Day 5: Development with OpenAI SDK

Module 1: OpenAI API Integration
  • Where can we integrate OpenAI API?
  • API vs SDK
  • OpenAI API General how-to steps
Module 2: Python Application with OpenAI SDK
  • Python SDK Basics
  • Creating a python application
  • Upgrading our python application
Module 3: Website .Net Core integration with OpenAI SDK
  • Understanding the architecture of .Net core
  • Adding OpenAI SDK to .Net core
  • Fine tuning
Module 4: Website .Net C# Core integration with OpenAI SDK
  • C# and .NET Core Basics
  • Creating a website with AI functionality
  • Image generation with DALL-E
  • Lab 1: Creating a Python AI Application
  • Lab 2: Creating an AI website