Ingesting Application Metrics in Splunk Observability Cloud (IAMSIM) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Topic 1 – Setting the Foundation

  • Identify components of the Metrics data model
  • Discuss the use case for sending in application metrics
  • Distinguish between authentication tokens

Topic 2 – Ingesting Application Metrics

  • Send datapoints using the REST API
  • Send metrics from your application using a Client library
  • Use the backfill API

Topic 3 – Sending Custom Events to Observability Cloud

  • Describe the Event object model
  • Send custom events

Topic 4 – Managing Metadata

  • Use the API to query for metrics, dimensions, properties and tags
  • Define properties, tags on metrics and dimensions
  • Modify properties and tags on metrics and dimensions
  • Visualize and alert on application metrics