SUSE NeuVector 5.x Operations (NEU201V5) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Section 1: Course Overview

Section 2: Introduction to Container Security with SUSE NeuVector

  • Understand the Need for Container Security
  • Introduce Threat and Vulnerability Management
  • Introduce SUSE NeuVector

Section 3: SUSE NeuVector Management Console User Interface

  • Navigate within the Management Console

Section 4: SUSE NeuVector Management Console Basic Configuration

  • Configure SUSE NeuVector Management Console Settings
  • Manage Local Users and Roles

Section 5: SUSE NeuVector 3rd Party Integration

  • Enable Authentication from External Directories
  • Configure External Logging Services

Section 6: Supply Chain Security with SUSE NeuVector

  • Scan for Vulnerabilities
  • Scan for Compliance
  • Understand Admission Control

Section 7: Runtime Security with SUSE NeuVector

  • Runtime Scanning
  • Threat Based Controls
  • Zero-Trust Controls
  • Inspect and Manage Runtime Security with SUSE NeuVector

Section 8: SUSE NeuVector Security Reports

  • Export and View SUSE Neuvector Security Reports

Section 9: SUSE NeuVector API and Command Line Management

  • Use REST API
  • Understand SUSE NeuVector Management CLI