Bridging the Gap – Integrating Cisco Cloud and AWS for Enhanced Solutions (BGCISCOAWS) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Cisco and AWS work together to make it easier for you to accelerate your cloud journey. Their solutions are certified and validated so you can innovate with confidence and develop a secure, simplified infrastructure that delivers value across the technology lifecycle. While Cisco and AWS offer many different solutions, this workshop is designed to address three main topics:

  • Powering Hybrid Work and Transform the Infrastructure, which connects your onpremises environment to the AWS public cloud, providing a complete network and security portfolio.
  • Reimagining Applications with Full-Stack Observability, allowing you to monitor all aspects of your system across applications, networks, and third-party broadband services.
  • Security Resilience, which helps you maintain visibility and establish controls across your environment. You can detect and protect against known and unknown anomalies.

During each module we will review various applicable case studies and engage in breakout sessions to review actual solutions through guided conversations.

Why Cisco and AWS for Cloud? This module provides a brief overview of market trends. We’ll discuss how Cisco and AWS Cloud solutions can accelerate your Cloud journey.

Infrastructure Connectivity This module gives you an overview of the underlying network that provides a robust and reliable hybrid cloud environment and how hybrid cloud addresses the issue of resource availability and data protection. You’ll examine AWS networking and infrastructure services before exploring Cisco’s core architecture components including the technologies and features used to accomplish each component. Finally, you’ll compare Cisco and AWS services to understand when to use either or both.

Security This module describes the most relevant AWS security solutions and compares them with Cisco Security products and the features they offer. You’ll learn how to think about securing the users, the devices that they are using to access the network, the network infrastructure itself, and securing the application and data.

Cloud Observability and Monitoring In this module, you’ll explore the software tools that observe the inputs and the outputs of the technology stack. You’ll examine products that provide visibility into all elements of your physical and virtual infrastructure along with application performance data and container workload allowing your IT operations, infrastructure, and cloud teams to ensure continuous uptimes and optimal performance for your organizations’ applications. In addition to visibility, you’ll review the products that analyze workload consumption, costs, and compliance constraints, and automatically allocates resources in real-time.

Multi-Cloud Environments Since using several clouds to handle different workloads has become the best practice for many companies, this module will allow you to compare AWS’s solutions with various Cisco solutions to understand which solutions are the better choice when it comes to a multi-cloud environment. You’ll gain insight into which solutions help your IT teams make complex, on-going decisions about where to locate workloads and how to size resources to ensure performance and minimize cost.

Use Cases In this workshop, you’ll review customer Use Cases pertaining to multi-cloud connectivity, security, and insights.