SUSE E-Learning

Get training your way:
anywhere, anytime

Subscription-based, digital technical training for the skills you need, designed for how you work. One eLearning subscription provides access to technical training for every SUSE product — from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to SUSE Rancher.

Digital learning designed to help you master SUSE technology.

From bite-sized videos to solve an immediate challenge or structured learning paths leading to certification, SUSE eLearning is the instant, intelligent way to train.

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SUSE eLearning Subscription, Silver Level, 1 Year Subscription (ELT-YEAR)

Top 3 benefits of SUSE Digital Learning Solutions


Instant, intelligent, agile learning opportunities anytime, anywhere. Take a single class or follow a learning path – the choice is yours.


Subscription based learning gives you the freedom to courses as you need them. Learn the skills to move your businesS forward. Take and retake courses to master topics. The sky’s the limit.

Cost effective.

Every learning path, every course, anywhere you need them. Keep your skills current at an attractive price. Budget friendly training designed to keep employees happy.


What is SUSE eLearning? SUSE eLearning is your on-demand library of all SUSE technical training. A yearly subscription to SUSE eLearning gives you access to limitless learning to the entire library of SUSE training — anywhere, anytime — with immediate access to updated courseware.

How can I subscribe to SUSE eLearning? eLearning subscriptions can be purchased by the month or by the year and are available for purchase via the SUSE Shop, directly from SUSE sales, or through a SUSE partner. Monthly subscriptions can only be purchased through the SUSE Shop.

How and when do I get access to SUSE eLearning after I purchase it? You can access your subscription within 48 hours of the order being completed. Instructions for accessing the content are sent after the order is processed.

Why should my organisation subscribe to SUSE eLearning? Your business needs to modernise with new technology. Your team needs to keep up. With a subscription to eLearning, you get both — with anytime, anywhere access.

SUSE offers volume discount for organisations, please contact SUSE Sales. Whatever the learning goal for your SUSE solutions, a subscription to eLearning can help you reach it.

Can a SUSE eLearning subscription be shared by multiple users? No. A subscription is for one named user. The SUSE eLearning Subscription is tied to the SUSE email registered to the subscription.

What is included in my SUSE eLearning Subscription? For one low price, the eLearning subscription includes access to our entire catalog of online learning content, video classroom courses, learning paths, and first-to-market content. This includes all current SUSE online training courses and video classroom courses as well as any new courses that SUSE releases during the subscription term. This includes all the same content as in instructor-led classes.

Can I get SUSE certified through eLearning? Because you have access to the same courseware and content that you would get in an instructor-led course, eLearning is a great way to prepare yourself for either the SUSE Certified Administrator or SUSE Certified Engineer test. Find out more about SUSE Certification here.

Will new training courses or updated versions of existing training courses be available to customers during the term of their subscription? Yes. As SUSE releases new courses (online training or video classroom versions), including SUSE Rancher content, the content will be made available to eLearning customers.

How can I track my progress through eLearning? The eLearning platform provides transparent ways for you to your progress, whether you are completing a learning path or simply one video. The platform keeps track of your progress. In the upper right corner of the Learning Path screen, you’ll be able to see how you are progressing through the Learning Path. Additionally, each course within the learning path is listed with a progress wheel beside it.

Is any course content available offline? Yes, you can generate a PDF formatted e-book for any course.

Is eLearning available in multiple languages? No. At this time, the eLearning content is available in English only.