Fortinet Certified Expert Cybersecurity (FCX)

The Fortinet Certified Expert (FCX) is Cybersecurity designation recognizes your comprehensive knowledge of network security design, configuration, and troubleshooting for complex networks. To attempt the exam, you must have industry experience.

We recommend this course for networking and security experts who use Fortinet solutions. In addition to formal training, you should have experience with a variety of complex networks and be able to solve complicated security problems.

Recommended training for this certification

You must successfully pass the Fortinet NSE 8 written exam and the Fortinet NSE 8 practical exam.

You will receive a digital exam badge each time you pass any version of the NSE 8 exams. You will also receive a digital certification badge after you have achieved the FCX certification.

There are no prerequisites to take the Fortinet NSE 8 written exam. However, you must take the NSE 8 written exam before you can take the Fortinet NSE 8 practical exam. The written exam is not a certification by itself.

To prepare for the exams, we recommend that you take the NSE 4 to NSE 7 training courses and have comprehensive experience using Fortinet products in a production environment. The courses are optional.

Candidates who have passed the NSE 8 written exam might be interested in the NSE 8 Immersion workshop, which provides a better understanding of the level and complexity of the tasks and topology that are involved with the NSE 8 practical exam.


About the NSE 8 Written Exam The written exam is available worldwide, through Pearson VUE test centers. After you successfully pass the written exam, you can start the scheduling process for the practical exam. Practical exams are available online, proctored through ProctorU.

The written exam contains questions about design scenarios with exhibits, configuration extracts, and troubleshooting scenarios that assess your security networking and Fortinet solution knowledge and experience. You are not allowed to bring reference materials into the exam room. Refer to the public handbook for more information about the exam.

Name: NSE 8 - Network Security Expert 8 Written Exam

  • Exam series: NSE8_812
  • Available worldwide at: Pearson VUE Test Centers and OnVUE
  • Number of questions: 60
  • Time allowed to complete: 120 minutes
  • Scoring method: Answers must be 100% correct for credit. No partial credit or deduction for incorrect answers. You will receive a document containing a pass or fail result and an indication of your performance for each exam section.
  • Time required between exam retakes: 15 days
  • Retesting: You cannot retest with an exam version you have already passed.
  • Scheduling your exam for recertification: Take note of your certification expiry date. If you are NSE 8 certified and are scheduling the written exam to renew your certification, ensure that you schedule the exam no more than six months before the expiration date of your current certification.

About the NSE 8 Practical Exam The practical exam is an online exam proctored through ProctorU. The practical exam is a one-day, two –session, hands-on evaluation. During the practical exam, you must successfully configure and validate a complete network topology involving multiple Fortinet products.

Due to on-site lab closures, candidates who completed the NSE 8 written exam requirement between March 16, 2018 and March 31, 2021 are eligible to schedule a practical exam session through to March 31, 2023.

Name: NSE 8 - Network Security Expert 8 Practical Exam (NSE8_870)

  • Available at: Fortinet Training Institute, proctored through ProctorU
  • Number of tasks: 30 (15 unique tasks per session)
  • Time allowed to complete: One day, two sessions (5 hours and 4 hours), proctored
  • Scoring method: Partial credits are available for selected tasks. There are no deductions for incorrect answers.
  • Type of tasks: Hands-on configuration and troubleshooting
  • Time required between attempts: 15 days
  • Scoring: You will receive a document containing a general pass or fail result. No further details or assistance will be provided.


  • If your FCX certification has expired, you will need to retake both the written and the practical exams to recertify.
  • You can renew your FCX certification by taking the current NSE 8 written exam at a Pearson VUE test center, as long as your certification has not expired. The expiration date of the FCX certification will be extended to three years from the date you pass the NSE 8 written exam.
  • Schedule your recertification test no more than six months before your certification expiry date.
  • You cannot retest with an exam you have already passed.
  • Achieving or recertifying your FCX certification recertifies all your other Fortinet NSE certifications that are still active.