Veritas InfoScale Availability 7.4.2 for UNIX/Linux: Administration (ISAUA)


Course Overview

The Veritas InfoScale Availability 7.4.2 for Unix/Linux: Administration course is designed for IT professionals tasked with installing, deploying, configuring, and maintaining Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) clusters.

This course discusses how to use InfoScale Availability to manage applications in a high availability environment and support for Cloud environments. The course is designed to enable you to gain the necessary fundamental and advanced skills that are required to manage a highly available application in a cluster. It also discusses how to deploy InfoScale Availability in the lab environment to practically implement a sample cluster design and deployment.

Who should attend

This course is for UNIX/Linux system administrators, system engineers, technical support personnel, network/SAN administrators, and systems integration/development staff, who will be installing, operating, or integrating InfoScale Availability.


Knowledge of and hands-on experience with UNIX/Linux systems administration is required.

Course Objectives

By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe how clustering is used to implement high availability in the data center environment.
  • Describe VCS and cluster communication mechanisms.
  • Create a cluster, and configure service groups and resources.
  • Implement and verify failover and failback capability for application, storage, and network services.
  • Configure and optimize cluster behavior.
  • Protect data in a shared storage environment.
  • Describe I/O fencing operations, and its implementation.
  • Configure VCS to manage an Oracle database and other applications.
  • Describe InfoScale support for Cloud Environments.
  • Configure and manage VCS clusters on virtual machines in VMware environment.
  • Implement Just in Time Availability for single node VCS cluster on virtual machine in a VMware environment.

Course Content

Cluster Server Basics
  • High Availability Concepts
  • Installing and Licensing InfoScale
  • VCS Building Blocks
  • VCS Operations
  • VCS Configuration Methods
  • Preparing Services for VCS
  • Online Configuration
  • Offline Configuration
  • Configuring Notification
Cluster Server Additions
  • Handling Resource Faults
  • Intelligent Monitoring Framework
  • Cluster Communications
Cluster Server Applications
  • Using I/O Fencing for Application Data Integrity
  • Clustering Applications
  • Clustering Databases
In-Guest Clustering
  • InfoScale support for Cloud Environments
  • VMware vSphere Data Center Architecture
  • Veritas High Availability Deployment in VMware
  • Veritas High Availability Configuration and Administration

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

5 days

  • on request
Classroom Training

5 days

  • Australia: Price on request


Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.