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What's new from SUSE, at a glance:

Spotlight: Kubernetes

What is this key element of application delivery solutions?

Spotlight: Rancher

How does push-button deployment make your life easier?

Container and Application Platforms

!New Course: Rancher 2.6 Operations


Spotlight: Kubernetes

Kubernetes is already a key element of the application delivery solutions needed to drive the enterprise business, especially if looking into the future. Kubernetes provides an easy way to scale your application, compared to old school virtualisation. It speeds up the delivery process and its API allows automating resource management and provisioning tasks. Kubernetes can support data center outsourcing to public cloud service providers or can be used for web hosting at scale.

Our SUSE Subject Matter Experts working with Kubernetes recommend you to attend Kubernetes Administration (KUB201), where you will learn about and explore Kubernetes, including launching applications, configuring networking, storage and security, and using Helm to deploy applications.


Spotlight: Rancher

Moving even further into making your life easier, we need to talk about Rancher. Perhaps it sounds like marketing nonsense, but using Rancher makes it simple to deliver Kubernetes to development teams with push button deployment. It makes it is easy for you to securely deploy containerised applications regardless of where your Kubernetes infrastructure runs. And yes, your operation teams will be able to focus on your infrastructure and your developers will deploy code the way they want.

Our SUSE Subject Matter Experts working with Rancher recommend you to attend the brand NEW !SUSE Rancher 2.6 Operations (RAN201V2.6) where you will learn how to access the Rancher Server’s graphical user interface, including Rancher Cluster Manager as well as Rancher Cluster Explorer.